It slightly shifts the assemblage point. It dissolves the patterns. It hypnotizes you. Putting your mind to sleep, it wakes up your soul. Getting in touch with the unconscious, it alters your state of consciousness. It takes you back to the origins. It dissolves the reality.

The project was founded in the year 2010 by Ekaterina Dubinskaia. It is an attempt to look beyond the screen of material reality, to the other side of the two-way mirror. Sound, as a representation of a physical plan, is just a cover of the energoinformational basis that unites the macrospace and the microspace. An attempt to express this multidimensionality of the Universe is presented with a deep psychedelic sound and reflected in Psybient and IDM styles.

Melodic and rhythmic structures of the tracks get built into consciousness, putting the mind to sleep and appealing right to the core of human nature.

The compositions, just like living organisms, seem to ”talk” to a listener, revealing the psychedelic patterns of endless holograms, wrapped up in a secret way, in front of him. These holograms are the Universe itself, which we are able to discover through unusual audiovisual forms.